….on a summer holiday! Yay. I mean, it’s been just over 3 months since the last trip. I am really lookin forward to the break. We are going to Sorrento, Italy for a friend’s wedding. Which will be brilliant but I have to admit to being more excited about actually going to Italy: a lovely but rainy trip to Venice in November many years ago can’t be fully representative of all that Italy has to offer. I mean, I’ve seen the pictures people have posted on Facebook…

I’m looking forward to:
– pizza
– romantic stairways leading to the heavens
– fresh seafood
– the seaside
– seeing Caecilius‘ home in Pompeii (there’s one for the Sunny Hill girls!!)
– finding an Italian classy handbag
– reading at least one of the three books I have in my suitcase
– antipasti like it’s going out of fashion
– being back in a land where the word ‘zucchini’ is understood
– looking at pretty old churches
(And the boys say that they are looking forward to bridesmaids. Because after all, we are going to a wedding! Yay!)

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