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I’ve spent a busy summer working around the country, but in my down time I have been doing what I can to live The Good Life.  Some of this has worked much better than others.  My personal crop of lettuce was a success til the slugs found it, and of the herbs grown from seed I do believe the rosemary has a fighting chance to be taken from its protective pot and graduate in spring to being Planted Out in the beds.


I’ve even had remarkable success with a chilli plant purchased on the reduced aisle at Tesco and repotted into the greenhouse. For the past three months my nam prik pla has had homegrown chillies (the way that the Thais would certainly approve of!) and the kick in the salsa has been entirely of my making.


But my tomatoes. Oh, my precious, lovely tomatoes. I have watched the plants grow into fine young beings, tall (but not too tall!!) enough to make any mother proud. I had visions of Moneymaker’s bountiful crop providing tomatoes for everyone in the district. Roma’s tomatoes would be special, I would experiment with sun drying them (a real plausible option this summer, dag-nab-it!). I was going to introduce them to some wonderful herbs and the freshest olive oil in Norfolk to create juicy, delicious sun blushed and preserved tomatoes to sustain me through the long dark winter. Too good even for my salsa (sorry chillies), the Roma tomatoes were destined for greatness, destined to be savoured, destined to be worshiped…

But what happened?!


Instead of plentiful crops, I have beautiful plants with only one or two fruit.  Other bloggers boast about what to do and I am struggling to make my babies grow and mature into red young adults.  I love them, I check on them daily, I moved them in and out of the greenhouse as the weather dictated.  And when I wasn’t able to give them my full attention because I was drinking energy drinks in Scotland, or Stratford, or elsewhere, for the week in order to pay for my little tomatoes upkeep, they were being carefully looked after by my less enthusiastic but equally dedicated other half.  I have watered them with rainwater, but not given them any fertiliser.  Is that really where I have gone wrong?

Please give me some advice, my tomatoes need you before it gets too cold and they give me up for good!


Have you ever been on holiday on your back doorstep?

Norfolk Vay-cay 15

Like, not literally to the garden (although, that sounded pretty convenient to me with the weather we had this summer) but to the places that you could go to if you just gave yourself the time for a 30 minute drive?

Norfolk Vay-cay 19
To celebrate my dad’s birthday, mum organised a surprise holiday to Norfolk and brought the Costa Del… weather with them. I got to spend a few days in a cottage near the coast with them and together we enjoyed exploring my adopted home county.

Norfolk Vay-cay 3You know how they say New Yorkers have never been up the Empire State Building?  I spent so much time wishing that I could explore the world…

Norfolk Vay-cay’s really easy to forget the wonderful things about where you spend the bulk of your time and wonder why on earth other people come on vay-cay to your home.

Norfolk Vay-cay 11

One of my favourite things on a summer Monday is telling colleagues in London where I got to go over the weekend.

Norfolk Vay-cay 13

I loved driving around North Norfolk and showing my parents my favourite villages and beaches.

Norfolk Vay-cay 8

We walked many, many miles with the two dogs.  Probably would have broken weaker spirits with all the excercise, except for the fact they are dogs and always up for more.

Norfolk Vay-cay 18

We got to eat fish and chips, ice cream, Cromer Crab.  We got to drink local ales.

Norfolk Vay-cay 16

We watched people kite surf, jet ski, sail.  We mercifully didn’t get rained on.

Norfolk Vay-cay 14

It was pretty much a perfect way to celebrate my dad’s birthday together.

Norfolk Vay-cay 4

Can’t wait to do it again.  And of course, I would love to hear about your favourite places and what you love about where you live!

Norfolk Vay-cay 7

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