All About MEJust old enough to know better but not quite old enough to always do it the right way, I am always trying to do my best!  My home is my flat that I want to make beautiful.  I have a part time dog, a huge love of spicy food (Chef Joe in Chiang Mai has a lot to answer for), an enormous imagination that pushes my limited creativity to its limits and sometimes will get the results I want.  I am a part-time gardener when the weather allows, refusing to be beaten by the weeds that thrive in Norfolk’s seemingly permanent rainy season.  One day I will really be Felicity Kendal and live the Good Life.  I wish I could draw so I cross stitch instead, and one day may even finish my sardine can cushion just like the one Kirsty Allsopp encouraged me to do.  I can’t bake for toffee but I make the meanest salsa outside of ATX.  In between times I am a secret CSI addict and wish that I was Jess in New Girl, she always looks sooooo cool.  I love to dance but my feet often get tired, unless the music keeps me going.  I love live music even more and just occasionally get to work my dream job at music festivals.  I would love to read more but never want a Kindle because I miss looking in second hand CD stores more than you could know, and would hate to have the random chance of charity shop books taken away from me.  One day I will get over my fear of having a mushroom head and get my hair cut short again.