It’s all about…. food, friends, family, home.  Keeping busy, keeping interested, remembering to relax.  I quite often find that there is so much going on that I don’t appreciate either what I am doing or what I should be enjoying because I am too busy worrying about the next thing.  I recently took a break from work and travelled in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam for three months.  I don’t dare claim to say that those three months changed my life, but they certainly were what I needed.  A chance to stop worrying about the day to day, a time to re-evaluate what was important, experience new things and meet new people….the idea behind my trip had been all those things.  In reality I got to spend time with my new best friend, read more books than I had in the previous three years, take photos and eat the most glorious food I think I have ever had the privilege of enjoying. Oh yeah, and a severe Pinterest addiction that was mostly sparked by my need to see food with cheese and the desire to make my flat at home look like a magazine spread, but made out of love and hard work with a minimal budget (I had just been traveling and not working for three months after all!)

So here I am.  It’s been three months since I returned and I’ve had a tonne of fun cooking food with cheese, decorating and designing for the flat, wondering how to tackle the jungle that is my garden and trying to recreate the delicious foods I ate in Asia.  I read many blogs and know that anything I put on here won’t be unique, but I hope that you enjoy my page and come back for more.  This little online diary will be my own attempt to remember all the fun I have every day making it all a little bit lovelier.